Steve Flageolet 4In January 2006, Brothers Pete and Dave Brown, who had for many years been directors of Barnes & Mullins (Mfg) Ltd., as had their father before them, had the opportunity to start their own company, manufacturing all of the instruments & accessories that Barnes & Mullins (Mfg) had previously produced. With premises, machinery, products, customers and staff already in place it was an offer too good to refuse.

Generation Music Ltd is based in Oswestry, Shropshire, U.K. with a loyal staff, some who have worked for the company for over thirty years, who have a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of our products.

During this time we have built up a worldwide customer base, a reputation for excellent business practice and a talented, first class team who excel in the art of musical instrument and accessories production.

We manufacture Generation Flageolets, Generation Metal Sub Kazoos and Miller Brown Marching Flutes.