Miller Browne Marching Flutes

The specifications of Miller Browne instruments is based on many years experience in supplying service units and civilian marching bands in all parts of the world. The flutes are manufactured from a, practically unbreakable, material which has a tonal quality and appearance of African Blackwood. All keys, pillars and ferrules are made from nickel silver. All flutes are available in high pitch, plain or slide-head.


Code: Description: No. In Box:
B0H  Bb Flute. No Keys. (Fife) High Pitch.  1
B1H Bb Flute. 1 Key. High Pitch.  1
B5H Bb Flute. 5 Key. High Pitch.  1
B6H Bb Flute. 6 Key. High Pitch.  1
B5HS Bb Flute. 5 Key. High Pitch. Slide Head.  1
B6HS Bb Flute. 6 Key. High Pitch. Slide Head.  1
MB1 Large best quality white pads  1
MB2 Small best quality white pads.  1
MB3 Keys Complete.  1
MB4 Pivot Screws.  1
MB5 Long Pillars.  1
MB6 Short Pillars.  1
MB7 Springs.  1
MB8 End Buttons.  1
MB9 Head Corks.  1
MB10 Small Screws.  1

1 keyFlute boxed.