Even though it’s in our name, we aren’t  just all about the music here at Generation Music ltd; we have a passion for all art forms and creativity in general.
So today we wanted to share with you the work of, friend of Generation Music ltd and all round super talented artist, Kris, from Catalonia, Spain.
You can find her work on Devient Art where she goes by the name of Runawaywithyou. As well as art, another passion of Kris’ is folk music and because of her love for the Generation Music ltd instruments, especially our Penny Whistles,  she decided to pay homage to these things in an awesome series of digital paintings.


andrea_corr_by_runawaywithyou-d4jymco tin_whistle_girls_by_runawaywithyou-d33p7ui


check out more of her work by clicking on the link below.


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