This is a video of, talented musician and friend of Generation Music Ltd, Susan Odendaal playing the Haitian folk song ‘Yellow Bird’ on a Generation Penny Whistle.

Susan is the founder of the ‘Penny Whistle Revival Project’ based in Swellendam, South Africa. the projects website describes their mission as this:  “Susan’s motive behind this Penny Whistle Revival is to introduce the penny whistle to young folks and children in South Africa. This, however, by no means excludes Mom & Dad, or Granny & Granddad, from having a bash at the whistle if they are so inclined. Indeed, they would be most welcome. But Susan also has her sights firmly set on underprivileged and disadvantaged adults and children as well; she feels that getting them involved in the revival, and learning to play the pennywhistle, can only be to their own good.”

If you would like to know more about the project then follow the website link below.

Penny Whistle Revival Project. South Africa.

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